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Not Alone Neskantaga

Join The Solution For Indigenous Water Crisis

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Vision of Awareness

Our vision of finding a solution to the Neskantaga Water Crisis starts with you. I am very passionate about water rights for all Canadians, and was touched by the stories of Canadians who are not as fortunate as me to have safe access to water. I am perfectly able to start converstation, fundraise, so I will take action on what is in my ability to help others in need. Talking and bringing it up is doing your part, and bit by bit more and more people will start to notice this huge problem.

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About The Creator

Hello! My name is Lola. A little bit about me, I am a writer/bloggger and am passionate about equality and rights for all people. I am an elementary student in B.C. Canada, and  started this project by hearing about the Neskantaga First Nation's water crisis. I was heart-broken by their stories of suffering and pain, living 26 years without safe, drinkable water, and decided to start a movement on my own. Being a kid, it may be more challenging to start this awareness, but I believe an issue this huge needs to be fixed one way or another.

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Vancouver Island, B.C.


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